Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Remember this lady? 

On the back of last year's A Natural Beauty campaign (which KW Doggett declared a massive success) the guys at Thursday Design asked me to come up with an image for the new Maine Recycled paper campaign "A Natural Beauty".

Thursday were after the same girl only this time she was to be chillin' on the sophisticated snow fields of France close to where the paper is actually manufactured. We were to incorporate a few Maine "M's" into the scenery as well. Type to be created by hand.These are some of the mood boards we began working with.

Many days of tweaking regarding pertinent illustration issues like cup and waist size followed but we were determined to get our lady just right. Once we settled on the right dimensions and features it was a race to the print deadline.
Feedback from the client as follows: "I LOVE our alpine lady. She is so chic. I want to be where she is. Love it. You've delivered!"

Australian Creative also have a feature about the job here.
Thanks to Craig, Tristan and Jarrod for their direction and here's looking forward to the next one.