Tuesday, February 5, 2013


The cat's outta the bag. In this case he's a zombie cat called "Tiddles". I'm currently working on a series of 13 spooky books for Penguin. The series, called "Eerie" written by S. Carey, is aimed at scaring the daylights out of Tweens. I can finally show you the first covers which are being released throughout the year. The stories are super creepy and have been tonnes of fun to illustrate. Always a good day when the kids ask you what you worked on in the studio and you get to casually drop "zombie cat". I also created little flick-book animations to work throughout the top corners of the books. There's a little animation for "Hunter & Collector" below which gives you an idea of how they work. A big thanks to Tony Palmer at Penguin for his great design and art direction. More info on purchasing them for your favourite nephew here