Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Extrablack design and Lion contacted me to work on a bunch of new playing cards, banners, interiors etc. for the delicious James Squire range of beers. James Squire was a convict, thief, rogue and all-round fun guy who was transported to Australia on the First Fleet and ended up being put to rest with the biggest funeral ever held in the colony. 

Extrablack mentioned that they loved the look of Russian prison tattoos and suggested that would be a good starting point. It just so happened I actually had a huge folder of these on file as reference just waiting for the perfect assignment to come along so it was a job that was meant to be. You can see more of those here but warning: explicit material.

First task was to design a set of playing cards using the Queens as James' four wives/girlfriends/maidens. The Kings were to describe his various occupations, the Jacks to depict the younger Squire and the Aces to represent his unique traits. The Jokers needed to show an amusing element of the Squire tale. I won't go into the story behind each card but I fortunate that the James Squire story is jam packed with juicy details to populate the imagery with. 

The cards on mass were used to create a feature wall in The Curious Squire Bar in Adelaide and a large Jack design sits behind the bar.

I also created an 8 metre banner to go behind the bar at The Squire's Maiden Bar which has just opened in Newcastle. The banner details James' trials and tribulations with the ladies in his life. Can't wait to get up there and see it in person with a beer.

A big thanks to the Kelly Mitchell and Ray Parslow at Extrablack and Richard Spicer at Lion for being so great to collaborate with on this huge project to date. Stay tuned for more to come!

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  1. where can we get some of these cards? Oh, and a mural would be nice too - got just the spot for it!