Monday, July 30, 2012


Earlier this year I tackled one of the biggest AND smallest advertising jobs I've ever had the pleasure of illustrating. Sydney agency Momentum commissioned me to hand paint 12 bottles and cans to be hidden "Willy Wonka" style amongst cases of XXXX GOLD beer. The people who locate these bottles and cans will win a trip to XXXX Island

It was out with the OOO size sable brushes as I started off with a test can and bottle to get the go ahead and be used for promotional photos before beginning in earnest on the 12 finals which would be hidden in the packs. Each can or bottle took about 12 hours to paint and I was on a tight deadline with several other jobs floating around tugging for attention while this one was on the hook. 

Layer upon layer...

by lamplight to help the drying process.

Applying the transfer.

The production line. With mickey mouse gloves to stop smudging.

Nearing the end.

Keeping the design exactly the same on each can and bottle was sending me crosseyed but the going really got tough getting the fine print on the back identical x 12. We also had to figure out how to protect the surfaces from slipping off the cans and bottles during their journey from the brewery to your winning hand. A big thanks to Sal Wildeboer at Momentum for being so cool and navigating this job and also to my wife and kids who lost me for a fortnight. I can honestly say I was ready for a cold beer after signing off on this one. The hunt for these little hand painted treasures has begun. Good luck!

Oh and I also created a map for the shuffleboard you can see in the second vid. Cheers!

Hello Australia.

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