Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Although I've been swamped with deadlines, lack of sleep, a shocker of a cold and no recollection of what my family looks like or how I got back from Melbourne...I have post show glow.
The Slax Appeal show was a huge success and I want to say thanks to everyone who came, drank, yapped and bought. Super big thanks to the "Charlie's Angels" at Lamington Drive who rock! The show runs till April 7. Only two pieces left I think. Here are some piccies of the opening night.

Jeremy Wortsman, hands on vinyl skilz.

Lamington Drive!

Also here's a nice review by Dan Rule in The Age:

THE words "Kat-Man-Du" ghost a mincing tiger sporting a bowler hat, tie and pipe; a tubby Gene Simmons strikes his trademark pose, distended tongue spelling the word "Open"; a grinning banana skin reveals itself as a "Happy Accident". The work of Sydney illustrator Christopher Nielsen is the stuff of cheek, sharp turns of phrase and all-round good times. That said, there's more to the works that populate Slax Appeal than the quick quip. While tied to pop and lowbrow, Nielsen's hardware acrylic-on-ply works are laboured over in the extreme. Indeed, his sanded, scraped and otherwise distressed surfaces are rich in texture, age and detail. It's a telling combination. These endearingly impish characterisations might take the form of distant pop relics but they hail from a happily absurdist counter-reality.


  1. Congratulations Chris. Love your work, your passion is truly inspiring.
    xox Di

  2. Looked like a great show, sorry I missed it!

  3. Thanks Di, YOU'RE an inspiration!
    Neryl love ya work!