Monday, November 26, 2012


You have exactly one week to organise your diary and join us for a crisp, light chardonnay at East Sydney Doctors Gallery whereupon you shall delight in the works of 3 of Australia's finest illustrators and myself. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Some good news over the weekend! This pair of sassy gals have been accepted into The Society of Illustrators New York Book 55 and Exhibition. They'll be heading over to the big apple soon. 

Thanks to the talented designers at Thursday Design for coming up with the "Beautiful Journey" concept with the vintage girl on a bike and for always pushing for more illustration. You can find more info on that job here.

And thanks also to my friends at Hoyne Design who are also big supporters of illustration and whose fine eye for detail got our Found girl just right. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Coupla recent pieces! The tasty pizza guy was for Clemenger BBDO Melbourne and the client was Yellow Pages. The second piece was in last saturday's Good Weekend mag for The Sydney Morning Herald. It accompanied a story which fondly recalled various cars from the writer's life.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Chinatown went Mooncake crazy in September and like last year I got a chance to participate when I was invited by Freeform Advertising to create the art for their Market City Shopping Centre promotion. Things have been a bit hectic around the studio lately and I'd forgotten about the job until late one night last month when I was dragging myself home from work and discovered my moon girl staring back at me from a billboard in Central Station.
Here are some snaps.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Here's a recent job that followed on from the "Beautiful Journey" poster I did for KW Doggett earlier this year. Andrew Hoyne, founder of the amazing Hoyne Design liked the original poster and wanted something in a similar vein for his client Found, a vintage furniture shop. I had reference for a specific Danish chair and Andrew also sent through some models and poses that he thought might work with the image.

Once we had the rough ok'd it was onto the final. The guys at Hoyne also thought a distressed treatment for the Found logo might sit well with the design so I went ahead with that and on to the final. The people at Hoyne have been fantastic to work with and I'm really excited about the second poster I'm currently working on for an amazing bar stool so I'll post that once it's completed too.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Hey if you're in Melbourne tonight get along to Risographica 2!
The blurb goes: This group exhibition will see 37 of Jacky Winter’s most celebrated artists explore the risograph print medium via an A3 limited edition 2-colour print, with each edition available for an incredibly reasonable sum of $50.00. The best news is that percentage from each sale will be donated to Vision AustraliaMore info hereShowing at Lamington Drive from August 10 to September 29, with an opening on Thursday August 9 from 6-9pm. Here's my contribution "Which Doctor?". Don't ask.

Monday, July 30, 2012


Earlier this year I tackled one of the biggest AND smallest advertising jobs I've ever had the pleasure of illustrating. Sydney agency Momentum commissioned me to hand paint 12 bottles and cans to be hidden "Willy Wonka" style amongst cases of XXXX GOLD beer. The people who locate these bottles and cans will win a trip to XXXX Island

It was out with the OOO size sable brushes as I started off with a test can and bottle to get the go ahead and be used for promotional photos before beginning in earnest on the 12 finals which would be hidden in the packs. Each can or bottle took about 12 hours to paint and I was on a tight deadline with several other jobs floating around tugging for attention while this one was on the hook. 

Layer upon layer...

by lamplight to help the drying process.

Applying the transfer.

The production line. With mickey mouse gloves to stop smudging.

Nearing the end.

Keeping the design exactly the same on each can and bottle was sending me crosseyed but the going really got tough getting the fine print on the back identical x 12. We also had to figure out how to protect the surfaces from slipping off the cans and bottles during their journey from the brewery to your winning hand. A big thanks to Sal Wildeboer at Momentum for being so cool and navigating this job and also to my wife and kids who lost me for a fortnight. I can honestly say I was ready for a cold beer after signing off on this one. The hunt for these little hand painted treasures has begun. Good luck!

Oh and I also created a map for the shuffleboard you can see in the second vid. Cheers!

Hello Australia.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Child Mag

I did this month's cover for Child Mag. The brief was "put some kids on a set of swings". I got a little crazy with it and added a dog. You'll find this in a doctor's surgery or pre-school near you.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Some hand lettering for the peeps at Saatchi & Saatchi for a Toyota Prius C ad. Amazing illustrators James Gulliver Hancock and Marcela Restrepo completed two more ads in the series and you can check them out here. Actually the chinese takewaway in my illo is one of Marcela's drawings. And that's a guest appearance by my good buddy Desmond the black cat.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Here's a piece for The (deep breath) International Herald Tribune, Global Edition of The New York Times. The article is a 
Q & A with Russian/American writer Gary Shteyngart and the duel personalities his culture straddling background has created. You can check it our here.


Coupla spots for some regular clients of mine Inside Sport and Australian Gardening. 

The first one is all about revving up England or "The Old Enemy" for the Olympics.

The second one is for a science article about male Bower Birds that collect things to impress the ladies.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Wahootie! More booty from this octopus's treasure chest. This time it's been accepted into the 3x3 Annual. Congrats to my good friend and studio mate Nigel Buchanan for scoring a Bronze medal too!

Monday, June 4, 2012

CRIME MAP for The Sydney Mag.

Been busy with a few maps lately including this Crime City map for The Sydney Magazine. 

TRUE SELF Exhibition

The Jacky Winter Group asked me to participate recently in the True Self exhibition in which artists were asked to complete each other's pieces via chain mail to help out the charity Fitted For Work. It was a great opportunity to be involved in a show alongside names including David Bromley, Akira Isogawa and We Buy Your Kids.
I collaborated with two of my favourite artists, Amanda Upton and Marcela Restrepo. Both gals are amazing illustrators and the coolest people so the pressure was on do their work justice. Marcela was to finish off my piece and I was too finish off Amanda's. 

I think we all 
ended up really happy with the outcome AND best of all both the two works sold at the opening. There are still pieces available here if you want to grab some awesome collaborations.

Me & Marce

Amanda & I

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I've done some really exciting jobs this year but this may be the fave commission of 2012 so far. I was asked by the super talented guys at Thursday Design to create an image that worked across a poster, brochure and print advertising for Maine Recycled Paper. They asked for a beautiful girl on a bike with some flowers and a vintage poster feel. Thursday also suggested I have a crack at the typography. Um gee ok I guess, if I have to!
I started gathering my reference material and had to sit through several unfortunate hours googling "girls on bikes". The Audrey Hepburn shots were a great starting point. Here's some of the reference I used (The Zoe Deschanel one is well...just because).

I also went back to some of my favourite Cassandre posters and some other vintage cycling posters in search of typographic inspiration.

Initial roughs were still looking for the right angle for the girl but we all agreed the more heroic perspective worked best so I went to work refining this. The guys at Thursday had also found an old junk bike that they were rebirthing as part of a "beautiful journey" whilst documenting the whole thing for the Maine brochure so I had to match my illo to that particular bike in the final.

I sent a further refined version including the typography for the client, we got the go ahead and I worked up a couple of colour-ways. In the final stages I also shifted the flowers to her hands so it didn't look like she had ridden over them. 

I decided not to present all the colour options and just go for my fave because the clock was ticking. I ended up pulling an all-nighter to get it over the line as the client was flying into Sydney to visit the designers and check out the progress of the job. Thursday reported back that the client was ecstatic and we all walked away a little bit tired but with a big crush on our Maine Girl. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Got my first job directly from Twitter last week. Thanks to Ryan at Las Vegas Weekly for this fun job about the drawbacks of a huge "Eurovegas" casino scheduled to be built in a slightly reluctant Spain.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


        Had a nice chat with the people at Grafik Museum here

Monday, April 9, 2012


When I was a young lad, embarking upon a career in illustration without any formal training here in Sydney, the American Illustration Annual was my classroom. I didn't know any other illustrators, had studied something completely different at university and was working part time in an art shop that happened to have a few copies on the shelf. I coveted these volumes and poured over them daily trying to teach myself everything I could about what it was that illustrators did. I also promised myself that one day I would have work amongst it pages. I'm happy to say that this week, for the second time in my career, I've had a piece selected by the distinguished jury to appear in American Illustration 31. Thank you to creative director SooJin Buzelli at Asset International who commissioned this piece and always pushes me to produce my best.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Few pics from the 3 days I spent painting some canvases at the Taste of Sydney Festival for The Original Juice Co. Lots of Sun, fun and white rum

Getting in some detail early morning before the bar opens...

Work in progress. Aiming for something like the rough in the bottom left!

More work in progress. Night painting with rowdy crowds is truly weird.