Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gonna take you down to Chinatown!

It's Moon Festival time so I thought I'd show you a few pics from a job I just did for Market City Sydney commissioned by Freeform Advertising. The Chinese Moon Festival is celebrated by eating mooncakes and worshipping all things lunar including Chang E the Moon Goddess who features in the artwork throwing cakes down from the moon. If you're in town from the 5-12th of September get yerself on down to Chinatown for a mooncake filled with salted duck egg or yam paste!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Here's Cheers

On the back of my Waterhouse series getting published in the Advertising section of Communication Arts I got an email from an agency in Boston called MMB asking me if I could help them out with a series in a similar style. "Sure" I said. When I enter stuff in CA I kinda hope and dream that it will work like this but never expect it will or assume that it markets in a more general diffused kind of way. The next day I got another offer for something similar from another agency that had seen my work in the CA Annual. I had to knock it back as the deadline was too tight and I had too much on but jeepers... So here's cheers to Communication Arts. You really do work.
Here are some spreads from the work I did for MMB celebrating their recent success with a Subway campaign.


I'm not super keen on doing portraits, likenesses etc. Early on in my career I was burnt by a corporate client who commissioned me to do someone in the office. They not only possessed a huge nose but a slightly distorted personal image and became irate about the reasonably accurate results. I decided then and there that perhaps this particular pathway was not for me and I've been portrait gun-shy ever since. 
Every now and then however I'm asked do someone and if I'm familiar enough with them I give it a shot. Inside Sport had a column for me about how footballers are fined for bad behaviour but Keith Richards is heralded for it. I've been studying his craggy mug for probably over 20 years so I went with the portrait angle.
I've been a lifelong Stones fan. All the albums, biographies, live recordings, studio bootlegs, I have them. Keef the guitarist I love deeply. Keef the man, not so much. Probably something to do with his knife brandishing bravado or his nodding off on smack with his son in the car and crashing or abandoning wives and babies or his faux-rasta mysticism etc. Gifted musician, flawed individual. But that's ok, I'm a flawed portrait artist. It's only rock and roll (not football) and we like it.