Monday, February 14, 2011


Towards the end of last year I completed my final cover for (takes deep breath) The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Check Journal. Late 2007 Check had contacted me asking if I would be interested in signing a contract for a years worth of covers. A years worth of regular work guaranteed? Youbetcha. When does that ever happen in a freelancer's lifetime. 
Each month covered a new medical unit and presented a new challenge. How could I tastefully represent nasty rashes, sexually transmitted infections or lung cancer? It took a few roughs to figure out the conceptual tone that the art director and editors were after but once we got into the swing of things I really looked forward to Check coming around each month. 
I was getting ready to feel the hole left behind in my diary at the end of 2008 when they called and renewed their contract for ANOTHER year. I counted my lucky stars and got back to the drawing board for another year of fun. 
Come the end of 2009 they renewed their contract AGAIN and I couldn't believe my good fortune. Like all good things though, I knew that it wouldn't go on forever and last year I got a call from the art director Jason Farrugia saying that with a tinge of regret that they were changing the layout of the cover and not commissioning illustration anymore. 
I'd like to thank Jason and my first a.d. there Sharon Benson for their great direction and support with each cover. It really does benefit the work when you're able to develop long term relationships with your art directors. Along the way these covers have been acknowledged by The Society of Illustrators New York, Luerzers Archive and The IA Illustration Awards. Below are some of my fave covers from the last 3 years. THANK YOU CHECK.

X-Ray Unit, Lung Diseases Unit

Eye Unit, Wound Management Unit

Skin Disorder Unit, Sexually Tranmitted Infections Unit

Blood Pressure Unit, Anxiety Unit

Gastroenterology Unit, Management Unit