Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Every now and then a job comes through that lets you know that the images you have on your website are effective or the marketing you pour all your spare money and time into actually works. I thought I'd post a couple of examples here today.
This is a spread I did ages ago for The Good Food Guide with a stylized chook. It was a fun job and I liked the way it turned out with the design so I put it in the portfolio on my website

Out of the blue recently I got a call from Lucy Walker Design saying she dug the chook and had a client who needed an advertisement for their free range chicken. She was going to a meeting with them to see if they'd go for an illustrative direction. After getting the go ahead I had a late night to complete the job for the print deadline the next day. With a slightly different chook, a few colour requirements and added ingredient elements we had ourselves a new piece.

On the contact page on my website and when I send out postcards to clients I have a little greyscale image on the back for my "contact" details. A play on two
mexican wrestlers "making contact". I'm knocked out by the lurid, over-the-top nature of Lucha Libre imagery and any chance I get to use it in my work, I'm 100% there.
So when Fiona at Money Mag called up and said that was what she was after I jumped at the job. She had an article on the merits of debit cards versus credit cards and said she loved the little "contact" image on the back of my postcard. Could I do something like that but with the cards fighting instead? You betcha. Here's the finished piece. It's kinda nice when some of the things you try pay off.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Jody Pratt from Illustrators Australia Victoria just sent some great news. I sold my piece (remember the Kraken, Whale, Giant Squid one?) at the IA 9x5 "Untold Stories" auction. Always a huge relief to know that it's not on it's way back to me in the post with a sad letter. She also sent through a little article in The Age where I got a nice mention. Thanks Jodester!