Thursday, February 25, 2010


This is a diptych I've been promising to paint for my son Stig ever since he was born around 20 months ago. Took me a while sorry buddy, but I finally got there! He actually gave the canvases a hug when he got them which was pretty cool. It was a bit daunting trying to figure out what to paint to begin with but I concentrated on his main interests. That's his dog "Ocker" driving, along with his current obsessions, trains and oddly... the number 8. Hope you dig it Stiggy!

Stuff For Walls

Whenever I get a second in between jobs I try to work on larger canvases which I'm hoping to get on to some gallery walls in the near future. Here are some recent pieces. If you're a rich-sugar-daddy-gallery-owner lookin' for new talent, our operators are standing by waiting for your call....

Sam Speaks Out!

One of my favourite A.D.'s Sam Wright was kind enough to come at speak at one of our Illustrators Australia meetings recently and she has most of the talk up on her blog here:
Innerestin' stuff. Thanks Sam!