Friday, November 12, 2010


I thought I'd post on a job that just came out for The New York Times Sunday Book Review. It was for a review on a couple of new books in the Young Adult genre. You know, teenage vampires, angels, angst etc. Art director (and illustrator) Nicholas Blechman suggested that I do something more general on YA blockbuster romance as opposed to focusing too much on either of the books being reviewed. One of the editors also suggested depicting a couple of young lovers onscreen so I came up with 3 concepts and threw that idea in as well. Let me know which one you would have gone with.

Concept #1- I wanted to capture that kind of teenage ennui that probably makes YA books and films seem so attractive to kids. Also chicks dig guys that read.

Concept #2- Young adults in love. It's an awkward clunk of  hoodies, braces and displays of public affection. The tone is probably too humorous in this one.

Concept #4- Going for something more atmospheric. Escaping into the YA genre. The films alway have kids flying over forests don't they?

Concept #4- The editors idea with some fangs and blood chucked in for good measure.

After conferring with the editor Nicholas gave the go ahead on #4.
Here's the finished piece.