Monday, August 16, 2010


Thought I'd give you some insight into the painful drawing process that I endure most times I start a piece. This years Illustrators Australia 9x5 exhibition theme is "Untold Stories". I'd been inspired looking at sea monster pictures recently for another job so I wanted to recreate a classic Kraken or Squid v Whale image showing what was really going underneath the murky depths. The untold story.
I start out with lots of tracing paper and very little drawing ability and just keep hashing away until a rough composition begins to appear.

super roughs at this stage

Starting to develop a bit more in the 4th sketch. I stumble across the idea of adding a Giant Squid attacking the Whale attacking the Kraken attacking the Ship (to give the story a little more "depth" so-to-speak).

I go to my reference to tighten up my image and start focusing on some details.

I decided I liked the image flipped. It felt more balanced. Now I'm ready to start painting the final on my 9x5 piece of wood now. Phew... this drawing almost sent me to Davy Jones Locker!

Thar she blows. Title: "Tug O' War". Fingers crossed someone bids for it. I hope this post gives hope to those who say they can't draw. Don't let that get in your way.

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