Saturday, December 18, 2010


Look don't get me wrong, Santa's great and all but sometimes he's just a little too....jolly. That's why there's always a little room at the Inn for his buddy Krampus. Krampus traditionally rode shotgun with St. Nick and dealt with all the naughty kids. In most depictions he's got a barrel full children or chasing some poor lass. So here's to Krampus, the Prince of Christmas wrongness.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Hey! The image I did the IA 9x5 Exhibition was just accepted into The Society of Illustrators New York 53rd Annual. Congratulations to my friends and fellow Picture Pigs, Nigel Buchanan and Lew Keiler for their winning entries as well!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Thought it appropriate to post some Christ-opher-mas stuff done recently. It being the season for it and all. This one was for The Sydney Morning Herald Christmas Food Guide

...and this one was for Spinach Advertising's CSR Sugar "Bake A Difference" campaign.

Friday, November 26, 2010


I got some images into Luerzer's Archive 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 2011/12. I wonder if the 201st best illustrator in the world pops veins every time this book comes out? Sure is a weird title. That said, it's an honour and a privilege. Here are the illo's accepted.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The very first ever Design Federation Annual has hit the streets and I'm pleased to say I'm in it alongside a host of great illustrators, photographers and designers. They asked contributors to come up with something based around the theme of "1". I went with an image of Vincent. With "1" ear. Goghing, goghing, gone.


Great big shout out to all those peeps in the Melbourne area. I've donated another piece this year to the Lighthouse Foundation Auction being held on Thursday night, the 2nd of December at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA). Get along and start a biddin' war. I sent them "Moroccan Dentist". Let's hope it brings a smile to someone's wall.

Friday, November 12, 2010


I thought I'd post on a job that just came out for The New York Times Sunday Book Review. It was for a review on a couple of new books in the Young Adult genre. You know, teenage vampires, angels, angst etc. Art director (and illustrator) Nicholas Blechman suggested that I do something more general on YA blockbuster romance as opposed to focusing too much on either of the books being reviewed. One of the editors also suggested depicting a couple of young lovers onscreen so I came up with 3 concepts and threw that idea in as well. Let me know which one you would have gone with.

Concept #1- I wanted to capture that kind of teenage ennui that probably makes YA books and films seem so attractive to kids. Also chicks dig guys that read.

Concept #2- Young adults in love. It's an awkward clunk of  hoodies, braces and displays of public affection. The tone is probably too humorous in this one.

Concept #4- Going for something more atmospheric. Escaping into the YA genre. The films alway have kids flying over forests don't they?

Concept #4- The editors idea with some fangs and blood chucked in for good measure.

After conferring with the editor Nicholas gave the go ahead on #4.
Here's the finished piece. 

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Last week I did a whirlwind job on a super short deadline for Dave Lunnie at Fenton Stephens Advertising. It was for a booklet to be distributed this past saturday at Darby Day in Melbourne for bookmaker Tom Waterhouse. The booklet is full of his little tips on how to win on the ponies and the images are going on to his website as well I believe. Anyway, here are the pages I illustrated. I think I had Saul Bass' illustrations in mind when I was working on the roughs. A big thanks to Dave who provided me with great art direction, quick responses and much more room to be conceptual on an advertising job than I normally expect. I didn't think the headless chook would get past the pencil stage. Cheers!


In other good news I had some images selected to go over as part of the ASA delegation headed for the 2011 Bologna Book Fair. If selected they'll go into the Illustrators Exhibition and the book that they publish. This will then bring me the fame and fortune so richly deserved yet elusive to my illustrious children's book career. Yep.
The images below are for an unpublished kids book I've written and illustrated called "Billy McNickle's In A Pickle". Billy is a cheeky boy who finds himself literally in a Pickle until he decides to chill out and be a good boy. If you're a publisher and you're reading this....ummm, can you please publish it? That would be great. Thanks. 

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Picked up a new life model for the studio at the markets the other day. I'm calling her Veronica. She's already made an appearance in the illo below for Check Journal about the rather sensitive issue "rashes".
Anyway she's great to work with and always professional so I'm keeping her on. Welcome Veronica.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Every now and then a job comes through that lets you know that the images you have on your website are effective or the marketing you pour all your spare money and time into actually works. I thought I'd post a couple of examples here today.
This is a spread I did ages ago for The Good Food Guide with a stylized chook. It was a fun job and I liked the way it turned out with the design so I put it in the portfolio on my website

Out of the blue recently I got a call from Lucy Walker Design saying she dug the chook and had a client who needed an advertisement for their free range chicken. She was going to a meeting with them to see if they'd go for an illustrative direction. After getting the go ahead I had a late night to complete the job for the print deadline the next day. With a slightly different chook, a few colour requirements and added ingredient elements we had ourselves a new piece.

On the contact page on my website and when I send out postcards to clients I have a little greyscale image on the back for my "contact" details. A play on two
mexican wrestlers "making contact". I'm knocked out by the lurid, over-the-top nature of Lucha Libre imagery and any chance I get to use it in my work, I'm 100% there.
So when Fiona at Money Mag called up and said that was what she was after I jumped at the job. She had an article on the merits of debit cards versus credit cards and said she loved the little "contact" image on the back of my postcard. Could I do something like that but with the cards fighting instead? You betcha. Here's the finished piece. It's kinda nice when some of the things you try pay off.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Jody Pratt from Illustrators Australia Victoria just sent some great news. I sold my piece (remember the Kraken, Whale, Giant Squid one?) at the IA 9x5 "Untold Stories" auction. Always a huge relief to know that it's not on it's way back to me in the post with a sad letter. She also sent through a little article in The Age where I got a nice mention. Thanks Jodester!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Clemenger BBDO Sydney have set up a new space in their offices to showcase the work of artists, illustrators and photographers. The space is designed to inspire not only staff but visitors to the building with new and interesting work from different artists each month. Chris Badger, Head of Art at Clemenger Sydney recently invited illustrator Christopher Nielsen to one of the first to exhibit a selection on his work in this new area.
The work includes a range of the different styles from Christopher Nielsen all produced on canvas. Badger said "it's a great way to get people talking about art, not only in the creative department but around the building as well". All the work on display is also for sale, so it's giving everyone a chance to start or build their own art collection. The textured and vintage images from Christopher currently on display are proving to be a the perfect match for the new Clemenger exhibition space.


Thought I'd give you some insight into the painful drawing process that I endure most times I start a piece. This years Illustrators Australia 9x5 exhibition theme is "Untold Stories". I'd been inspired looking at sea monster pictures recently for another job so I wanted to recreate a classic Kraken or Squid v Whale image showing what was really going underneath the murky depths. The untold story.
I start out with lots of tracing paper and very little drawing ability and just keep hashing away until a rough composition begins to appear.

super roughs at this stage

Starting to develop a bit more in the 4th sketch. I stumble across the idea of adding a Giant Squid attacking the Whale attacking the Kraken attacking the Ship (to give the story a little more "depth" so-to-speak).

I go to my reference to tighten up my image and start focusing on some details.

I decided I liked the image flipped. It felt more balanced. Now I'm ready to start painting the final on my 9x5 piece of wood now. Phew... this drawing almost sent me to Davy Jones Locker!

Thar she blows. Title: "Tug O' War". Fingers crossed someone bids for it. I hope this post gives hope to those who say they can't draw. Don't let that get in your way.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


So anyway, I'm in a band called the Ramalamas. Two years ago we recorded our first album "Drownded" and we got a friend of mine Lara Goodridge from Craving Records to play some beautiful fiddle and put some lovely backing vocals on some tunes. In the haze of getting it all put together and in an unforgivable oversight we forgot to send Lara a copy of the finished album and some sort of thank you gift. When we realized this we all felt pretty bad...So by way of thanks (and it doesn't go half way to saying how much better she made our album sound) I thought I'd make her a t-shirt. Hopefully she has checked her mailbox and likes it! Sorry Lara, you really do ROCK us!!!